Scam Text Message Don’t Click!

myvidboxly is a Scam Text Message

If you receive a text from an unknown number with a link to do not click it!

This is a scam site with adult content that is also  trying to phish for your information. The scammers use your name and pose as one of your friends trying to share a secret video. It even includes a photo of your friend so it would appear all this information was taken from Facebook. To unlock the content you are required to create an account by entering an email and password. Do not do this as you will probably get spam email, and since most people use the same password on every website you could give the scammers access to your social media accounts.  If you try and go to the site’s root domain you will get a DNS error and can’t reach it.

What does myvidboxly message look like?

The myvidboxly text message came from this number: 202-395-5009 but could very well come from other numbers. The text that was sent looked liked this:

Hi *name* there is a new invitation from *friend’s name* 35 seconds ago to connect now

And was accompanied with this image


myvidboxly logo

It also claims that the videos will self destruct and be destroyed within 30 min to try and get you to act fast.

What to do if you get the my vid boxly text message?

If you happen to get this message again don’t click it. Phones might be more vulnerable to the site than a PC. You should delete the message so you or anyone else does not later accidentally open it.  If you recognize the impersonated person the message was supposedly from you should warn them immediately. It is possible their computer, phone, or social media accounts have been compromised and they will need to reset their passwords. You should also report scam message to 7726 by forwarding them.

If you get this scam message and come across this article please leave a comment with any extra details you may have.

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