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Organizing Angular Javascript Code

When organizing angular javascript code everyone has their own preferences, and there is a lot you can get away with doing. But just because the computer can interpret it doesn’t mean other developers can.  So here is my design preference that I push for in projects which helps me, and the rest of the team, quickly find variables and functions you are looking for. In the Java world class names always start with a capital letter and are CamelCase.  In angular  I consider the functions that define a controller, service, or directive to be a class and use this naming convention. All...

An example of a large angular project folder and file structure 5

Large Angular Project Design Guide

Are you about to start developing a large angular project? Have you mastered the basics but not sure how to structure a huge app with more than just a few screens? Then you need to read the Large Angular Project Design Guide.  Most design guides, or examples to get you started, are for really small projects that put all the views and controllers in separate files. But when building large applications it is best to organize files by feature.  When you open our app/account folder for example you know all these files are dealing with a users account. Much easier...