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Monsta File Manager

We have added Monsta File Manager to the Sentora control Panel.  Once logged in you can find it under the ‘file’ tab.  You will still need to create an FTP account to use it.  The application allows you to manage your files via a web browser and will open up in a new window when launched.  Be sure to log off to properly end your session and close the window when finished.  We have added this feature for convenience but do not recommend using web based file managers.  File managers such as FileZilla or WinSCP are more efficient, secure, and less buggy....


HTTPS/SSL Encryption for Sentora Control Panel and Other Hosted Sites

This article is mainly for Gemnode staff, or any other server admin out there that is using the Sentora control panel and wants to serve sites over HTTPS using SSL. If you are hosted with Gemnode and wish to have your site secured, just let us know and we can set it up for you. Generating SSL Certificates First we will need to generate SSL certificates, thankfully this can be done free via Lets Encrypt. Sentora recommends creating a new certificates directory for each user and there sites like the path below: /var/sentora/hostdata/zadmin/ssl_certs But I recommend sticking to the guides and storing the...