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Getting Started

Congratulations on deciding to create your very own Gemnode and join our community. It can be really fun and even rewarding. Follow these quick steps to get started and then continue on your journey to learning to be a webmaster.

1. Register or log in to your account

If you are a first time user, you will need to register an account. Please visit our registration page to do so. The link will open in a new tab so you can come back. Usernames must be at least 4 characters long and all lowercase.

If you are a returning user you can be logged in on another tab. Here is a new tab link to our login page.

2. Choose a topic or niche for your site

You will need to have an idea in mind for a site. A topic that you enjoy so you can easily create 5 pages or posts to get started, and then do research or activities to enable you to keep adding more content. The great thing is your site topic can literally be anything but if you need help visit the forums for ideas.

3. Build your site

This section will be brief but is actually a big topic. You will have to read the other guides from the basics to the advanced. But fret not as this should be the fun part, there is a lot to learn and lots of ways to apply your new webmaster skills. Everything is powered by WordPress, so you will want to learn the core basics there. Essentially though what you do is pick a theme and then add your content as pages or posts. Then you can enable plugins to add more features like social links or SEO optimization. Check out how easy it is to use the plugin Elementor to really fine tune your pages.

4. Monetize with Propeller Ads

Once you have completed your site you will want to monetize it. We recommend Propeller Ads as it has many advertising formats and a low quick payout. Gemnode already has the plugin so it is easiest to integrate. Simply sign up for a Monetag Ads account. Add your site and get the add code ID. Then add your ad code in the Gemnode admin dashboard under Propeller Ads tab after enabling the plugin. Or use the header and footer plugin to add the code to the site’s header section.

5. Promote your site

Now that you have a beautifully monetized site you can begin to promote it. This is another big topic and there will be many more guides for it and lots of community discussions. The industry is always changing so research and try it a bit for yourself and share your findings! But the gist here is to share your site everywhere! Tell your friends and family, share on social media, link from other sites, do SEO, or even buy traffic. The possibilities are endless so you want to be creative.

6. Reiterate

Even after you complete all the steps as a webmaster there is still more to do. You can research sub topics or a new topic. Add a new section to your site or create a whole other one. Try new monetization networks and/or promotion methods. You should always be reiterating these steps to stay up on the latest trends and improving your web network.


That’s all there is to it to be a webmaster here at Gemnode. Hopefully we explained it all well enough but if not let us know what can be improved and bring your questions on over to the forums!