Weekly Update 1

Our first week of Gemnode! At the end of every week, on Friday, we will post an update to summarize all of the daily updates that took place. As well as share additional metric regarding the network and server.

This week has included a lot of reading of documentation and watching guides for wordpress, plugins, and themes. And from that, a lot of work has been done on creating the Gemnode platform. While Gemnode is open for registration, we are still not public yet and just have a few testers so far. There are many more features to add and we hope to launch early August!

Upcoming features include a Getting Started guide, and then many more guides for specific topics like:

  • Coming up with a niche site
  • How to use Elementor
  • Monetizing with Propeller Ads
  • Where to get traffic

We will be fleshing out the forums and groups areas too so share your ideas!


Server Metrics

BandwidthDisk UsageDatabaseCPURAM
148 MB295.82 MB11.48 MB5%91 MB

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