The Portals of Connection: New York and Dublin

The Portals

In the heart of bustling cities, two portals stand as modern marvels of technology and art, connecting the lives of people 3,000 miles apart. The New York-Dublin portals, circular screens that live stream the daily hustle of their counterpart cities, have become symbols of unity and curiosity.

The Reopening 

After a brief shutdown due to some “inappropriate behavior,” the portals have reopened with new security measuresThe installations, placed next to the Flatiron Building in New York and on O’Connell Street in Dublin, now feature proximity-based solutions to prevent misuse.

A Glimpse into Another World 

These portals offer a real-time window into another culture, another way of life. Passersby can wave, dance, or play games like Rock, Paper, Scissors with someone half a world away. It’s a testament to our shared humanity, showing that despite the distance, we can connect, interact, and share moments of joy.

The Vision

The artist behind the portals, Benediktas Gylys, envisions them as more than just technological feats; they are bridges to a united planet. With plans to expand the network to Brazil and Ethiopia, the portals are not just about connecting two cities but forming a global network that transcends borders.

The Impact 

Since their opening, the portals have attracted tens of thousands of visitors, becoming a source of whimsical delight. They remind us that in a world often divided, there are still ways to come together and celebrate our commonalities.

Take Away

As we look through these portals, we see not just New York or Dublin, but the future of global connection, where art and technology bring us closer to understanding and appreciating our diverse world.