What is going on with Miku Expo 2024!?

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What is Miku Expo?

Miku Expo, the global concert tour featuring the virtual sensation Hatsune Miku, has once again graced North America with its presence in 2024. This year’s expo, which has brought together fans from across the continent, promises an immersive experience into the world of the iconic Vocaloid. However, beneath the surface of excitement and anticipation, there lies a brewing controversy among the fanbase. As we delve into the heart of the Miku Expo 2024 phenomenon, we will explore the multifaceted issues that have left many fans with mixed feelings. From the reasons behind the fans’ discontent to the logistical mishaps that have marred the event, we will dissect the sentiments and opinions that are circulating within the community. Who is responsible for the fans’ dissatisfaction, and what could have been done differently? These are the questions we seek to answer as we unravel the complex narrative of Miku Expo 2024. Join us as we navigate through the layers of excitement and disarray, examining the intricate dance between groundbreaking performances and fan expectations.

Why Fans are Upset

Fans of Miku Expo 2024 have expressed disappointment due to the change from a holographic projection to an LED screen for the virtual singer’s performance. This shift has impacted the immersive experience that fans have come to expect from previous shows, where the hologram technology played a significant role in bringing the digital idol to life. While some attendees appreciated the clarity of the LED display, others missed the traditional holographic presentation that offered a more three-dimensional and lifelike experience, which has been a hallmark of Miku’s performances.

What went wrong

  • mismanaged the presale (leaked early)
  • mismanaged the online merch sale
  • mismanaged the on-site merch sale
  • replaced the projection with an ugly LED screen
  • ticked down the amount of songs to 23 (usually 25-28)
  • announced a literal last-minute phone ban

Who is to Blame?

Some Miku fans are blaming Crunchyroll, the sponsor of the event, for all of the issues and decision making that has let to the LED screen controversy.


Situation Updates

Ticket Master prices are crashing!

Reselling of tickets now disabled!

AI Imagery #FreeMiku

Create your own artwork of Miku trapped inside her TV Cell or back to her hologram form. Let’s get her freed and the concert changed back to using the hologram. Post using hash tag #FreeMiku

Here is the AI rendition of “Miku Trapped inside an LED TV”

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