PC Helldivers Dive on Sony

Sony’s Decision

Sony’s decision regarding Helldivers 2 caused quite a stir among fans. Here’s what happened:

  • BackgroundHelldivers 2 was initially supposed to require players to sign into the PlayStation Network (PSN) while playing the game. However, this requirement was not enforced at launch due to network infrastructure limitations.
  • Sony’s Announcement: Sony announced that it would begin enforcing the PSN sign-in requirement for Helldivers 2 in a month-long rollout. While this might seem like a minor inconvenience for most players, it had a significant impact on PC users in countries not covered by PSN.
  • Controversy: PC players were suddenly required to link their Steam accounts to a PSN account to continue playing. This move sparked widespread backlash across social media, forums, and Discord. Some players even threatened to quit the game, while others demanded refunds.
  • Steam Review Riot: Over 211,000 negative recent reviews flooded Steam, pushing Helldivers 2 from its former status as a people’s champion to an overall “Mixed” rating on the platform. Some players received refunds despite exceeding Steam’s usual 2-hour refund window

In summary, Sony’s decision to enforce the PSN sign-in requirement upset fans and led to a heated controversy surrounding Helldivers 2. Sony then had to back track their decision so that a PSN account is not needed to play the game.

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